1. What are the affiliations of the school?


2. What are the second language options available?

- For Classes 1 to 4- L2–Hindi,Tamil
- For Classes 5- L2 –Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit
- For Classes 6-10)-L2 –Hindi, Tamil,Sanskrit, French

3. What are the third language options?

- Classes 1 to 5 -L3-Hindi/Tamil
- Classes 6-8- L3-Hindi/ French/ Tamil

4. What is the age criterion at the entry level for Pre Kg academic year 2020-21?

- The child should have completed 2.5 years by 1 June2020

5. What are the details regarding uniform, sports uniform and others if any?

- There is no uniform for PRE-KG; students of Classes LKG to V wear the school uniform only on Mondays
- Classes VI & above wear the school uniform on all days of the week;
- Sports uniform is worn during compulsory games. This is applicable from class IV onwards.

6. Does the school organize field trips & educational trips?

- Students are taken on field trips related to their lessons. School picnic is also - organized for all the classes.
Programs like Student Exchange Program, overnight stay for classes 11 & 12,
- Himalayan trekking for classes 9-12 are organized every year.

7. Does the school hold meetings with parents?

- PTM schedule will be followed as per the school calendar. Apart from that, parents
- can meet the class teacher, subject teachers or coordinators as per the requirement with prior intimation.
- Besides the PTM, we have Open House for Kg, Coffee Morning with Principal; Executive committee meeting with Principal, Orientation Sessions and Class Observation for Parents.

8. What kind of Sports/Extracurricular activities are conducted in school?

- Train them young – Football coaching of UKG; Physical training & activities; Games & Sports; Drill -for all the classes; Yoga (classes 1-12; Band (Class 8); Games such as silambam, karate / taekwando / athletics / volleyball and basketball are held as Compulsory games for classes 6-10 after school hours.

9. What are the safety measures provided by the school?

- School is under surveillance cameras; Fire extinguishers available, female sub-staff at toilet entrance. Teachers monitor during break time and take attendance for bus dispersal. Security is available at the school gate.

10. Do you provide school transport facility?

- Yes.

11. Do you have female attenders in buses?

- Yes, Drivers are appointed after Police verification to ensure safety. Transport is managed by the school. Each bus is fitted with GPRS tracking for parents to track using the mobile app.

12. Do you have nurse and infirmary to handle medical emergencies?

- Yes, we have a qualified full time nurse present in school. Annual medical checkup is carried out by the school.

13. What is the mode of Parent communication?

- BVM Portal App; Web Login; e-mails; Oral communication; phone calls.

14. What are the major events and celebrations at school?

- School celebrates Project Day, Sports Day, Annual Day – 100% participation is encouraged.
- Festivals such as Ganesh Chathurthi, Onam, Christmas, Id and national festivals are celebrated.

15. Do you encourage Inter school competitions?

- Yes. Classes 1 & above attend inter school competitions (Quiz, Football tournament, Singing / Bhajan Competition etc); Inter BVM Sports Carnival (every year); Inter BVM Music Carnival (once in two years).

16. What are the Clubs activities conducted at school?

- Science Club (Science Day); Math Club (Ramanujan Day); Eco Club (Environment Day); Karuna Club (Blood Donation Camp, flood relief etc); Literary Club (Recitation, Declamation, etc); Horizon Club (Nandalala music concert, AIR singing, etc); Heritage club; Fine Arts Club along with regular House activities.

17. External exams; competitive exams offered by the school?

- External competitive exams such as ASSET & Olympiad( SOF, IMO, IEO) are encouraged from Classes IV & above.

18. Is canteen facility available?

- Yes.

19. Does the school have a library?

- Yes, school has a well-equipped library.

20. Does the school have IIT, NEET coaching from class 9 to 12 after school hours?

- Yes. School provides IIT, NEET & JEE coaching after school hours.

21. What are salient features of the school?

- Child centric and stress free environment.
- No homework policy
- Every child on stage during school day
- Student Exchange Programme
- Robotix – STEM Curriculum
- Kalalaya
- Life Skills

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