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DEAR Programme 2017-2018

                On November 14th, 2017 it was indeed a very special day as it was the Children’s Day. On this day another special occasion took place, that is, the DEAR PROGRAMME. Students, teachers, staffs and sub-staff were informed to bring their favorite book to read. They were instructed to drop everything and read their favorite book when the bell rang thrice. Everybody participated enthusiastically and hence this programme was a great success.

                On this day, students from each class were assigned to do fun filled activities. Class 1 was assigned to do Book Mark. Class 2 had to design the Cover Page. Class 3 did Story Map regarding their favorite stories. Class 4 had to do a Review on a Book of their choice. Class 5 was asked to do Creative Writing. Class 6 had to do a Poster on their favorite book. Class 7 and 8 had to Rewrite The Climax of their story. Class 8-12 had Author Illustration.

                It was a day filled with lots of fun with all these activities as all the students showed all their imaginations and creativity. Appreciation was given to the students for the best creativity and imaginations done by them. As every year the school conducts these activities, the enthusiasm of the students to participate in these activities increases.


                                                                                                                         Raeshmah Sreedharan XII A

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