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Green Team

We, the students of BVM Global @ Coimbatore believe that, the price of greatness comes along with responsibility. With these lines of Abraham Lincoln in mind we are all grateful that the school management and the teachers have organized the initiation of the ‘GREEN TEAM’. We are thankful for this, as it implores us to be responsible in all aspects. We have volunteered for all the responsibilities that have been put forth and will be happy to accept more. The Team has been really encouraging by appreciating us on a timely basis. These appreciations have ignited a fire in us for friendly competitions among our fellow schoolmates. The emphasis that the Team has given to the use of plastic has really astonished us. We are being supervised and told strictly yet kindly not to use plastic lunchboxes inside the school campus and we are doing our best to eradicate it. We understand that the Team grasps the fact that the ones who are appreciated will do more than what is expected. And, here they are, beside us in all the steps we take towards making our school a clean and green one! How proud we are to be a part in making this nurturing school even better. The Team has also stressed that no student will be allowed to write on the desks with any kind of stationary. We understand the theme of the Green Team and we will work to the best of our abilities to uphold these responsibilities, after all, we are students of BVM Global, this is what we do! Once again our wholehearted thanks to the Green Team.

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