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Traffic Awareness Program

It was a very useful program that we students learned many things which we never knew before about Traffic rules and regulations. Mr.Vinayagamoorthy (Traffic Warden) explained us all very well. This was a very useful program that we students became aware of many rules in traffic and had also made a try in creating awareness among the society. It was a wonderful class.- Moksha.B,Class IX-B

On 17.11.15, Mr.Vinayagamoorthy from Police Dept (Traffic Warden) came to our school to speak about Road safety. He spoke about awareness in roads. He taught us how to act on roads and how to cross roads etc. He was very humorous in his teachings and we enjoyed it very much. He had some interactive games and we enjoyed and learned a lot too..Then before concluding his speech he showed us some videos which were very informative and we learned a lot. It was a wonderful experience and we really enjoyed it. -S.Gowtham Sriram,Class IX-B

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