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Literary Club

Literary Club Inauguration

                                                                                                24th June 2017

Students assembled in Class 4A eagerly waiting for their resource person. It was Ms Anitha Santosh , Regional Business Manager, Times Pro, TOI group. On her arrival the events for the inauguration started off. The programme began with the invocation of the almighty’s blessings. Welcome speech was delivered by Mas Aadithyan, introduction of the Chief Guest was by Mas Prithvi, reading out of Vision and Mission was by the Club Secretaries Mas Arjun and Ms Yogadarshini. Ms Anitha honoured the club secretaries with badges. She declared the club open assisted by the club secretaries. She was felicitated with a handcrafted bouquet and memento.

The Chief Guest took charge of the event carrying the group to yester years sharing her experience with books. She shared that the genre that interests a person changes with age. She also asked the children of the books they read. There was an interactive conversation on the opinion about reading e books. Finally it was concluded that books are a treasure in whatever form it is read.

She moved on to show an interesting motivating ppt.  She motivated students to realize the leader in each one of them. It was told that each is a leader and each can be made to a leader. It is the attitude in one that carves the leader or follower of one. She reinforced that each one need to believe that he/she is a leader and utilize each opportunity to become one. There was an interesting question by Mas Keshav of class 7 asking if all are the leaders then who would be the follower. This question was well handled by the resource person. She put across that leadership is taking up responsibilities.

She also told the students to think out of the box. She wanted students to take up their passion. She motivated students to try out new avenues rather than stereo typed ventures. She finally wanted the students to carry the message that - language plays an important role to carry forward each of them in their success path, hence due importance need to be given to all the nuances of the languages.


It was an engaging event and the students could carry back valuable lessons. The programme ended with the delivery of Vote of Thanks by Mas Vishwaguru. 

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