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Guest Lecture by MrSurendran on Cricket

Mr.Surendran, our sports faculty gave an engaging session to students on Cricket for class 4. He was warmly greeted by the students and his profile was read out to get an insight into his achievements. He is a M. Com graduate from PSG college of Arts and Science, who later on identified his talent in athletics and pursued his B.P.ed and M.P.ed in Maruti College of Physical Education. He is a national level athlete who has represented Tamil Nadu State, Bharathiyar University, Tamil Nadu Physical Education Sports University. He has set an astounding record of 10.80 sec in 100mts running. Among various accolades to his credit is his soccer team at BVM,he has made students bring laurels to school at district and state levels through his systematic coaching for which he does extensive research. Students got to know about their teacher during the Guest Lecture.

He built students’ vocabulary through cricket. Students have a comprehension passage Cricket in their curriculum. In lieu of this the guest lecture was arranged. 3 types of matches are played – Day Match, Day Night Match and Day Night Test match. The balls used for these matches are different. They have a colour coding. The Day Night Test match uses pink ball, to enable day as well as night visibility. White ball facilitates fast bowlers whereas Red ball, the spinners. Various vocabulary words – bowled, handling the ball, obstructing, timed out, hit wicket, caught, run out, leg before the wicket, knuckle bowling, inswing, outswing, carom ball, off spinner, leg spin were the words which the students got to know and have added to their box of vocabulary.

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