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Virtual Concours - 2020


Virtual concour 2020 was a virtual event conducted for the first time at BVMG @ Coimbatore in the Month of July for Class 1-5.

The Students were asked to create videos on various topics according to their grade levels and later the videos were uploaded to our school’s Face book page.

KG students were dressed up as Lord Krishna and Bharathiyar and spoke a few words and sang songs on their chosen themes.

Grade 1 students were given the topic of drawing their favorite picture using sponge and paint. The children’s imagination and creativity was a wonderful sight.

Grade 2 students created videos of cooking without fire along with their grandparents. Students came out with a variety of recipes. The joy and pleasure of cooking along with their grandparents was a delight to watch.

Grade 3 Students spoke about their future desires and the things they want to achieve when they grow up. It was inspiring to see the students choosing a variety of career options apart from the conventional professions.

Grade 4 students enjoyed cooking with their dad’s in the kitchen. It was a delight to watch all the snacks the students created in these videos.

Grade 5 students were asked to create their own comic strip with a superhero of their imagination to solve a scientific problem. The creativity of the students was extra-ordinary in these videos.

All the videos created by the students were uploaded in our school’s Face book page. The viewers were asked to like their favorite videos and the winners were decided based on the number of likes per videos.

We also had parent volunteers who acted as judges in selecting the Special Jury Award for the best videos.

Few videos received more than 500 views and nearly 300 likes on Face book.

The link to our Face book page can be found below.

Enjoy the videos! Next week we will be uploading the videos of Grade 6-12 students with a variety of topics and talents to uncover.

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